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Allen Dairy Services are exclusive supply and service partners for Dairymaster – the world’s leading supplier of dairy equipment. They are 24 years in business and are based in Athy, Co. Kildare covering counties including Wicklow, Carlow, North Wexford, South Dublin, Kilkenny, Laois and Kildare.

Their employees are certified under the IMCQS. They are also stockists of a wide selection of milking machine parts & consumables.

• Sales.
• Service.
• Technical support.
• After-care.
• Emergency callouts.
• Expert building design.
• Dairy layout advice.
• Planning support.
• Herd health advice.


Dairymaster’s objective is to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable. The company has carved out a reputation, both nationally and internationally, for providing hi-tech solutions for dairy farming.
Dairymaster’s innovative product range encompasses five key areas: Milking Equipment; Automated Feeding Systems; Manure Scrapers; Cow Health & Fertility Monitors and Milk Cooling Tanks. Technology is a big focus throughout.
Dairymaster’s location, customer focus and constant monitoring of product performance in the marketplace, has given the company an up-to-the minute understanding of all aspects of the industry as it evolves.

Swiftflo Milking Parlour Systems:

Milking systems are dependent on the level of automation desired by a particular farmer. Some farmers have chosen to install fully automated Swiftflo Revolver Rotary Parlours immediately whereas others have installed plants with a view to adding automation features later. Follow the links below to find out more about the different milking systems to suit your Dairy farm needs.

The range of Dairymaster Swiftflo Parlours have options for every budget and every herd size from a Swiftflo Intro Parlour, Swiftflo Swing, Swiftflo Fast Exit, Swiftflo Double to Swiftflo Revolver Rotary Parlours.

· Scientific research has shown that the Dairymaster milking system maximises milk out through their unique combination of the claw, liner and pulsation system.

· On average a Dairymaster parlour typically milks each cow up to 1 minute faster.

· In recent scientific trials the Dairymaster cluster yielded 5% more when compared to another commercially available cluster.

· Dairymaster milking equipment has been designed to have the lowest levels of liner slip in the world, this is the only direct method how milking equipment can influence mastitis.

· Dairymaster pulsation is very similar to the natural way of milking as the vacuum profile of a Dairymaster milking unit closely follows that of a calf suckling.

· Dairymaster milking systems have top performance when tested in accordance with the latest ISO International Standards for milking machines.

These milking benefits all contribute to a reduction in milking time and labour but also improved udder health.

FeedRite Feeding Systems:

Dairymaster FeedRite in parlour feeders are a very precise and convenient way to feed cows in the parlor. Dairymaster feeders help each cow maintain their best possible condition and increase milk yields. Each cow can be fed to her specific requirements with Dairymaster technology. Appetiser feeding improves cow flow and results in more content cows when milking is commenced. Scientific trials have shown that feeding in the parlour stimulates milk let down. They are easy to install and operate and are virtually maintenance free. Systems can be installed to support multiple feed types. The Dairymaster Batch Feeder is a smart and economical means of feeding cows in the parlour. It has being designed to ensure a long life and requires very little maintenance and cleaning.

SwiftCool Milk Cooling Tanks:

Milk cooling can amount to 40% of farms energy requirements and with energy costs increasing dramatically, Dairymaster have designed and engineered an energy efficient and reliable milk cooling tank that is better for your milk and better for your pocket. The Dairymaster SwiftCool Milk Tanks have 20% thicker insulation and thicker steel as standard, resulting in less heat loss. In recent tests the heat loss in a 24 hour period was less than half a degree. Less heat loss results in bigger savings! The SwiftCool CoolControl system allows you to communicate directly with your tank wherever you are via SMS messaging for your peace of mind. The continuous monitoring and reporting allows instant access to information on the current status of the tank while two-way SMS communication provides immediate control.

CleanSweep Manure Scraper Systems:

Dairymaster manure scrapers operate around the clock resulting in a more hygienic environment for herds. They are acknowledged for unequalled standards of reliability and adaptability. Dairymaster have millions of meters of track installed worldwide. The original and technically superior system with installations proven over many years. Dairymaster manufacture and deliver automatic scraper systems to dairy, cattle, pig and mushroom farms throughout the world. The Dairymaster track type system is very low maintenance and exceptionally easy to operate and control. These systems now operate in every corner of the globe from small family farms to large industrial farming facilities.

Health and Fertility Monitoring Systems:

The Dairymaster MooMonitor is a unique device to provide farmers with real-time information about the health and fertility status of each cow in their herd, it integrates mobile phone technology with nanotechnology. A vital job on farm is to recognise when a cow is on-heat as successful heat detection can significantly alter profits. Research shows that the majority of heats start between 8.00 pm and 6.00 am when the farmer should be asleep. Research also that on many farms missing a heat costs €250 and upwards. Accurate heat detection is vital in order to achieve optimal calving intervals, optimal yields and good herd reproductive performance. Dairymaster have developed intelligent software to allows farmers to analyse the activity for each individual cow in the herd. Data can be viewed using a PC or mobile app for 24 hour remote monitoring allowing more herd information anytime, anywhere. Dairymaster are the first in the world to have an app for heat detection. Leading AI companies worldwide choose MooMonitor because of unparrelled accuracy and measurement sensing.

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